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In this striking e-book you will discover multiple hundred evidence concerning the human physique. Separated into sections similar to the mind, imaginative and prescient, bones and lots of extra you'll find a few interesting info inside!

Whether you're engaged on a human biology venture otherwise you simply need to know extra approximately how your physique works, this can be an exceptional addition on your bookshelf.

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A. Biosynthesis of Pregnenolone The biosynthesis of pregnenolone proceeds by a similar route in a variety of endocrine tissues. This route can be considered in two sections, the conversion of acetate to cholesterol and the conversion of cholesterol to pregnenolone. 1. Conversion of Acetate to Cholesterol Acetate is a ubiquitous small molecule (2 carbons) derived from the breakdown oflipids and carbohydrates. Cholesterol is a 27-carbon compound that is also distributed throughout all tissues of the body.

The two ketone groups are indicated in the suffix as 3,20-dione, giving a complete name for this steroid of 4-pregnene-3,20-dione (commonly known as progesterone). Figure 21 shows a steroid of the estrane type, with 18 carbons. Again, only one type of substituent is present (alcohol groups at C-3 and C-I7), so no prefix is called for. There is unsaturation at C-5. In fact, there are three double bonds in this I8-carbon molecule. The steroid is therefore a I,3,5(IO)-estratriene. Note that since the double bond atC-5 is associated with C-IO, and 5 and 10 are not sequential numbers, the number lOis indicated in parentheses after number 5.

Such a compound exists and is called squalene (Fig. 51). : M... M... ~M .... ·:-C.... :"C: 'C.... M: I :..... :... 'M C I :M: : ............... C....... C--M C: C: C Figure 49. Origins of carbon atoms on cholesterol from the carbons of acetate (M = methyl carbon; C = carboxyl carbon of acetate). Stippled areas are isoprenoid units. I: HO'" M: I: M' "":C< .. 'c. . I M H I H-C-H H '\ I C-C=C ,# I H-C~ H I H Figure 50. Isoprene. or B. Figure 51. Squalene. Note the isoprenoid units. his hypothesis that acetate molecules build up the squalene molecule and that squalene, in turn, is a precursor of cholesterol.

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