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By Harry Harrison

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Fifty tales for 50 years!A collection-and celebration-of the paintings of Harry HarrisonFrom his first sale in 1950 on, Harry Harrison has been one of many technological know-how fiction world's artistic dynamos, operating in each subgenre of the sphere, consistently bursting with provocative principles. Parodic one second, severe the subsequent, Harrison has been referred to as by means of Brian Aldiss "one of the few authors in a position to wearing the previous power of past days ahead right into a new epoch."On the social gathering of his 50th anniversary as a qualified author, Harrison has collected jointly fifty of his most sensible stories-one for every year-along with tremendous notes and introductory fabric. 50 in 50 is instantly a memoir, a compendium of a fascinating physique of labor, and a glance on the background of technological know-how fiction within the moment half the 20 th century.

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