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Download e-book for iPad: A Biblical Hebrew Reference Grammar (Biblical Languages: by Christo H. J. van der Merwe

By Christo H. J. van der Merwe

ISBN-10: 1850758565

ISBN-13: 9781850758563

ISBN-10: 1850758611

ISBN-13: 9781850758617

When you have a uncomplicated Hebrew wisdom and wish to refesh,clarify or additional discover a few matters, it is a ideal software. Very terse and hence functional.

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To me and, I think, in a Christian perspective there can be no beauty apart from ultimate meanings. Proximate meanings can not produce beauty; they can produce loveliness, they can be attractive or not, but there is always an ambiguity— we can either loose sight of the beauty or turn it to become an idol that will enslave us and kill us ultimately. Meaning is related to beauty in that sense but also to truth because truth is a way, one of the ways in which objective reality finds expression. Beauty is not related to my emotions or is not related simply to my response, to the satisfaction I find in what I hear or what I see.

And that is a point at which vision, the truth about a person, the glory of the Resurrection and the beauty blend together. When the sunshine touches a stained glass window and flows through it, it reveals to us several things. It reveals to us the theme of this window. It may be the Resurrection, it may the Transfiguration, it may be any of the other themes of the Old or eventually of the New Testament or of the history of the Church, but it reveals it in colours that have beauty, and it is the beauty and the resplendence of the window that attracts our attention, rivets it and makes us attentive to the theme and what it has got to say to us.

Now, I am aware of being extremely obscure and I will try to make it a little clearer. May I take an image or an example from physiology which is closer to me than philosophy as you may have already observed. When a human being or an animal looks for the first time at the world around, as long as an experience of this world gained through vision, touch and the total experience of life has not taught him to shape what he perceives into concrete wholes, what a being sees is a range of spots, of light and of darkness.

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A Biblical Hebrew Reference Grammar (Biblical Languages: Hebrew) by Christo H. J. van der Merwe

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