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By Fyodor Dostoevsky, Alan Myers (trans)

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The voice that interrupts the pawnbroker’s moral despair is the voice of God, urging love for one’s fellow man not as some short cut to a secular utopia, the re-establishment of paradise on earth, but as the first and necessary step in the spiritual rebirth of an individual human soul, who through contrition and suffering will find his own way to salvation. A Gentle Creature is clearly structured on two artistic devices: the use of interior monologue to express the pawnbroker’s approach to the truth, and the motif of the duel.

How on earth am I supposed to be silver-tongued and say just the right things? In any case, it’s in your interest for everything to be open and above board … I don’t know how to keep quiet when my heart speaks within me. Well, never mind … Can you credit it, not one woman, never ever! Not even an acquaintance! It’s all I dream about every day, that eventually I’ll meet someone, sometime. Ah, if you only knew how many times I’ve been in love that way! …’ ‘What way do you mean, who on earth with?

1873–81 Diary of a Writer 1875 An Accidental Family (A Raw Youth) 1876 A Gentle Creature; first published in Diary of a Writer. 1877 The Dream of a Ridiculous Man; first published in Diary of a Writer. 1878 Death of Dostoevsky’s beloved three-year-old son Alesha (16 May). 1879–80 The Karamazov Brothers 1880 His speech at lavish celebrations held in Moscow in honour of Pushkin is received with frenetic enthusiasm on 8 June, and marks the high point of his reputation during his lifetime. 1881 Dostoevsky dies in St Petersburg (28 January).

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A Gentle Creature and Other Stories by Fyodor Dostoevsky, Alan Myers (trans)

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