New PDF release: A Mud Pie for Mother

By Scott Beck

The author of Pepito the courageous returns with one other small yet made up our minds hero, Little Pig.

It's mom Pig's birthday, and her son has sneaked out of the pen to discover a present earlier than she wakes up. Little Pig spies an excellent one-a lovely flower-but simply as he's approximately to pluck it, a bee buzzes up and begs him to not. Little Pig cheerfully leaves the flower and searches for an additional present, yet each he sees-fresh hay, glossy seeds, or even a lump of dirt-belongs to another individual within the farmyard. Little Pig's basket is empty, yet his beneficiant center will lead him to the appropriate current.

utilizing few phrases and crayon-bright shades, Scott Beck has crafted one other candy, spare photograph booklet for preschoolers.

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