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By J. L. C. Martin-Doyle (Auth.)

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I t is \-1 m m . broad and is separated from the limbus b y a small area of clear cornea. Its presence is o f n o significance. 3. A r c u s J u v e n i l i s . — V e r y rarely an e x a c t l y similar condition t o arcus senilis is found in children. This, t o o , is without significance and requires no treatment. 4. M a r g i n a l A t r o p h y . — A rare degeneration found in old people. A * gutter ' forms in the region of the arcus senilis, and if the gutter deepens ectasia will result and Descemet's membrane m a y rupture.

I n the case of trauma of either o f these layers fluid m a y enter the corneal substance and oedema result. ULCERATIONS 27 2. I N F L A M M A T I O N . — I n nearly all acute corneal inflammations oedema occurs early. I t m a y be a localized oedema in the f o r m of vesicles or bullae, or it m a y consist of a widespread * bedewing ' i n v o l v i n g the whole of the cornea. 3. I N C R E A S E D I N T R A - O C U L A R P R E S S U R E . — I n these cases fluid is forced into the substance of the cornea b y the abnormally high pressure.

32 DISEASES OF THE CORNEA Ulcerations, continued. 4. M a r g i n a l U l c e r . — A l t h o u g h this occurs at the limbus, it is in no w a y connected w i t h phlyctenular disease, being most frequently seen in old people and often associated w i t h debility, rheumatism, etc. I t s treatment in no w a y differs from t h a t of simple ulcer. T h i s t y p e of ulceration is said frequently t o be caused b y the M o r a x - A x e n f e l d bacillus. 5. M o o r e n ' s U l c e r . — T h i s is a rare and serious ulcer occurring in elderly people, tending t o run a prolonged course, and spreading o v e r the entire cornea.

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