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A visible Analogy consultant to Human Anatomy and body structure through Paul A. Krieger makes use of visible analogies and different certain examine instruments to aid the coed in studying info of human anatomy and body structure. This two-color ebook can be utilized along side any textbook. scholars can label diagrams, create their very own drawings or colour current black and white illustrations to raised comprehend the provided fabric.

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Microfilament Connects cytoskeleton to plasma membrane; contraction allows for movement of part of a cell or a change in cell shape. Microtubules Hollow tubes of protein which can act as tracks along which organelles move. Microvilli Plasma membrane extensions that assist in absorption of nutrients and other substances. Ribosomes Composed of two subunits, functions in protein synthesis. , proteins) Lysosome Vesicles containing digestive enzymes to remove pathogens and broken organelles Mitochondrion Site of aerobic cellular respiration; produces ATP for the cell Nucleus • nucleolus (region within nucleus containing DNA and RNA) Large structure that contains DNA—the genetic material for making proteins Peroxisome Vesicles containing enzymes to break down substances such as hydrogen peroxide, fatty acids, amino acids; detoxifies toxic substances Key to Illustration 1.

Glycolipid 9. Phospholipid bilayer 34 Phospholipid Molecule 10. Headgroup of phospholipid 11. Tailgroup of phospholipid CELLS—Structure and Function Plasma (cell) Membrane Structure Imagine that you were a microscopically small person and you could flop on a plasma membrane. It would feel more like falling onto a waterbed than landing on a hard surface such as the floor. Cell 1 2 2 8 7 (ECF) 3 7 7 4 9 (ICF) 5 5 Phospholipid molecule 6 11 10 KEY (ICF) = intracellular fluid (ECF) = extracellular fluid 35 CELLS—Structure and Function Cell Cycle and Mitosis Description Study Tip The life cycle of a cell, called the cell cycle, is divided into five phases: interphase, prophase, metaphase, anaphase, and telophase.

48 CELLS—Structure and Function Passive Membrane Transport: Osmosis water (H2O) molecules H Osmosis! Osmosis! It's really quite a hoot. Water always moves toward the greater solute! H O H H O H O O H2O semipermeable aritificial membrane pore protein (impermeable to membrane) BEFORE AFTER Three possibilities: Isotonic solution I feel happy and normal! Hypertonic solution I feel dehydrated! Hypotonic solution I feel like I am ready to pop! H2O IN H2O H2O OUT (2) (1) My drawings of the three (3) possibilities: (1) (2) (3) (3) 49 CELLS—Structure and Function Passive Membrane Transport: Filtration Description Filtration falls under the category of passive transport and has the following features: ● Requires a force (blood pressure) to make it happen ● Requires a pressure gradient.

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