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Abigail's Story by Ann Burton PDF

By Ann Burton

ISBN-10: 045121479X

ISBN-13: 9780451214799

ISBN-10: 0786559306

ISBN-13: 9780786559305

They have been girls of conviction and braveness, whose tales motivate the devoted to this present day. Now, Signet launches ladies of the Bible, a compelling new sequence for enthusiasts of ancient fiction and romance. this can be the tale of Abigail... To settle her brother's playing debt, Abigail of Carmel convinces her boorish lord to marry her. Then exiled by means of him to the lifetime of a shepherdess, she grows to like David, the warrior son of Jesse, who will come face-to-face along with her husband in a mindless war-and break her hopes of peace.

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It was a veritable fortune: a family of twenty could live in luxury on but half such an amount for as many years. ‘‘You should have seen me play,’’ my brother continued to boast. ‘‘Every throw was mine. Why, if I had—’’ ‘‘You said you owe eight,’’ I reminded him. His shoulders slumped, and his face fell into a familiar, belligerent expression. ‘‘My luck turned, and that drunken fool began to win. ’’ Who had likely not been drunk or a fool. ’’ ‘‘I was tricked,’’ he insisted. ‘‘Nabal pressed me to drink.

I asked Amri. ’’ He pointed to the largest building in sight. My heart sank. Nabal must be very wealthy, to afford so much. His house offered a commanding view of the surrounding countryside, but a man who owned the largest herds in Judah would be expected to occupy such a lofty place. How could this Maon be so rich and yet unmarried? As we passed a man who lay unconscious and snoring by the side of the road, a flask of wine still clenched in his hand, the spice merchant glanced at me. ’’ I thought of my mother being brought here, to be sold on the auction block like one of his sheep.

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Abigail's Story by Ann Burton

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