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Accelerators by L. Marton,C. Marton PDF

By L. Marton,C. Marton

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Proc. R o y . Soc. (London) A 135, 108 (1932). 58 M. S . Livingston and H. A . Bethe, Rev. Mod. Phys. 9, 245 (1937). Eo W. Henneberg, 2. Phys. 86, 592 (1933). 2. 40to study the atomic ionization of targets as a function of ion energy and target Z. This is the first heavy-ion atomic physics experiment using the accelerated-ion method. During the 1940s atomic physics lost some momentum in the United States due to large efforts by many atomic physicists directed toward the development of electronics and radar.

Protori Lin. Acc. Conf. (AECL-5677 Chalk River, 1976) p. 95; L. M. Bollinger, IEEE Trans. Nucl. Sci. NS-24, 1076 (1977). The split-ring resonator was developed at Cal Tech. K. W. Shepard. J . E. Mercereou, and G. J. Dick, IEEE Truns. N I ~Sri. NS-22, 1179 (1975); NS-24, 1147 (1977). 2. 8 . The copper-clad steel tank together with the drift tube sections of the heavy-ion linear accelerator at GSI in Darmstadt are pictured in their cold beauty. The performance curve of this accelerator is given in Fig.

ENERGY LOSS OF HIGH-VELOCITY IONS IN MATTER silicon, simply changing the coordinates to e/ZI2 for the normalized (or scaled) stopping cross section and to E / M 1 for the velocity parameter. For protons as projectiles, Z1 = M , = 1; the curve is the same in Fig. 2 as in Fig. 1. One might object to the use of E / M , at relativistic velocities, but that is a minor detail. By presenting Fig. 2 with the normalized parameters, we can see several trends in the stopping cross section as a function of the projectile.

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Accelerators by L. Marton,C. Marton

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