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And, once more, inasmuch as it may be regarded as certain that a number of these books, as we now have them, arc translations, the question arises as to the relative date of the original and the translation. Regarding this last point, however, reference must be made to the respective introductions ; we are concerned here with the dates of books in their original form. It will be understood, then, that we do not wish to be dogmatic in the matter of the dates here given; at the same time, it will be found that they have the support of many, probably the majority of competent scholars.

Now, heart, beseeching thee Lord, I have sinned, and I but I humbly beseech mine acknowledge iniquities; thee, forgive me, Lord, forgive me, and destroy me not with mine iniquities. of grace. I have sinned, O . . Many other illustrations could be given to show the manifold richness of this literature; one last one we cannot refrain from giving, even though it is probably the bestknown passage in the whole of the Apocrypha it is from Wisd. iii. 1-9 : : But the And, souls of the righteous are in the hand of no torment shall touch them.

Ix. 1 6) ; in the art of spinning (Exod. xxxv. 25) ; in fighting (Isa. x. 13); in the administration of affairs (Isa. xxix. 14; Jer. xlix. 7) ; of the skill of magicians (Isa. xlvii. 10) ; of shrewdness (II Sam. xx. 22 ; Jer. ix. 22) ; of craftiness (II Sam, xiii. 3) ; even of the intelligence of animals (Prov. xxx. 24). So that in its earlier sense, though this is not excluded from its later usage, wisdom meant the faculty of it is distinguishing what was useful and what was harmful; ethical meaning belongs to later times when also a In the Wisdirectly religious sense was connected with it.

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