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Michael Baigent's Ancient Traces: Mysteries in Ancient and Early History PDF

By Michael Baigent

ISBN-10: 0140264485

ISBN-13: 9780140264487

This article discusses 20 mysteries which problem our accredited view of historical past. themes coated comprise: have been there historic contacts among Europe and America?; may possibly Atlantis have existed?; the real age of the good pyramid; was once there a world disaster round 10,000 BC?

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His book, The Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, first appeared in late November 1859 and quickly passed through three editions. By proposing chance rather than divine purpose as the agent of our origins, Darwin’s theory confronted, head-on, the literal understanding of the biblical account of creation. And, by a single reference to an evolutionary connection between man and apes, it became widely ridiculed as the ‘Monkey Theory’. In a debate with evolutionary biologist T. H. ’ It was true, of course, that the implications of Darwin’s theory were inimical to religion, for it implied that life was a random process which had no purpose other than survival.

Naturally, most of these traces have long since vanished, but with one exception: the region around the town of Glen Rose, Texas. There, fossil dinosaur tracks have long been found. They have always been accepted as genuine by the scientific establishment who have studied them with interest. For many years, especially in the 1930s, local entrepreneurs cashed in on the interest in dinosaur footprints by chiselling them out for sale to tourists. Before long faked fossil footprints of humans also began to appear on the local market.

19 While the Table Mountain mine workings alone have provided sufficient enigmas for science, objects were found in mines at other sites which similarly indicated very ancient dates for their origin. 20 All these were in rock strata dated to over 5 million years ago. 21 It is an uncomfortable fact which needs to be confronted by the scholars that, by the end of the nineteenth century, literally hundreds of ancient artefacts had been excavated in geological strata of great antiquity. Can they all be dismissed as some kind of fraud or misrepresentation by untrained observers?

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